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Redesign your bedroom for the new year

Redesigning your bedroom can be a breeze with these suggestions.

Redesigning your bedroom can be a breeze with these suggestions.

In the new year, it is not only our lives that could use renovating, but our homes too. This winter, resolve to update your bedroom with these simple and inexpensive design tips.

  • Color scheme: While you are remodeling your room, it is important to choose one color palette and stick to it. You can use the variations of the color to give your bedroom some variety, but it should look like a cohesive unit as a whole. You can properly combine the color of the paint with your bedding, new area rugs and your bathroom accessories. Take advantage of dark and light tones, but stay within the spectrum of a single color.
  • Take advantage of empty space: Many homeowners do not do anything with the empty wall space above the bed. You should take advantage by decorating the wall with clever accent pieces that can add character to any room. You can hang pictures of friends and family, or pieces of artwork that fit into the room well. Be sure to keep the pieces no more than a foot above the headboard so the design does not look randomly arranged.
  • Windows: The windows are a very important part of any room and should not be overlooked. Set the style of the room by choosing drapes that fit into the look you are going for, whether they are long and more elegant looking or shorter and simply functional. Darkening shades are both decorative and serve an important function.

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