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Project a beachy theme in your bedroom

Make your home project the incredible luxury of the beach.

Make your home project the incredible luxury of the beach.

Few people would argue with the statement that tropical beaches are some of the most relaxing places in the world.  Sitting on a sandy beach with the waves crashing behind you while you soak up the sun's warming rays is an activity that most of us only get to do when we're on vacation, but year-round, we find ourselves wanting to revisit our relaxing getaway. 

If you're trying to project the tranquil feeling of your escape into your year-round house, the bedroom is probably the most rewarding place to do it. This is the place that you go to retreat at the end of the day, or even to take a nap on a weekend. Whether you need to kick your shoes off following a long and stressful day, or want to wake up in a tranquil environment, you will feel much more calm in a beach-themed bedroom. 

A seaworthy sleeping space is best when it makes use of a blue and green color scheme. These muted colors bring the feeling into your bedroom, and the setting feels particularly cozy if you make all of your fabrics a lovely neutral. 

This includes the window treatments, which can be really lovely in a shade of tan. Pick up a set of soft linen drapes in this nice hue, and hang them subtly along either side of the windows. 

To complete the look, add some ocean-inspired accessories like sea glass or sun catchers. These will help to really put the design of your bedroom paradise over the edge in terms of relaxation. By the time your redecoration is complete, you can count on your room to be the lovely, calm vacation space that greets you when you get to the beach.