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Professional tips to help you redesign any room

Here are a few professional tips to help guide your redecorating process.

If you are thinking about redesigning a part of your home, it is important that you have a clear idea of what you would like the finished result to look like before you begin making any changes. The process of the remodel can often be stressful on a homeowner, especially if everything is not planned out down to the last detail. Speaking to the local news source VegasSeven, hospitality designer Nancy Paolino revealed some of her tips for creating a new and interesting aesthetic in your house.

Here are some helpful suggestions from Paolino:

  • Have the design fit the personality: Each room of the house, says Paolino, has its own personality and atmosphere. It is important for you to figure out how to best use that energy in the design. You should know what the room is going to accomplish and who it will be entertaining on a regular basis.
  • Know when to finish: One of the biggest issues that a person can face when redecorating a space is stressing themselves out by over thinking every last detail. According to Paolino, it is best to trust your gut and follow your instincts when it comes to calling it quits on a project. You do not want the room to become a source of never ending frustration.
  • Make the space comfortable: When it comes to redesigning a room that is where you relax, Paolino says to approach the space like a luxury hotel bathroom. That way you can always feel pampered. "Select a soothing color palette, a bed you absolutely love and treat yourself to fine linens," she told the source.

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