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Patterned white curtains will add a little bit of design sense to your house where there is none

Patterned drapes like this one work perfectly at walking this line.

Those who are seeking to employ a minimalist style in their homes often have good luck using long white drapes as their window treatments. Because these curtains and drapes don't have much of their own busy aesthetic, they can fit in nicely with just about any design, and won't block out light even in the dead of winter. 

But for some homeowners, this stark style is just a little too plain. Without any kind of a pattern, those who are new to establishing their style in the home might feel as if the space is a little too empty, and crave a window treatment that packs a bit more punch. 

If you find yourself in the situation of wanting to employ a modified minimalist style in your home, you may have good luck with white patterned curtains. You can choose what fabric they're made of, whether you go with an intricate lace or a simple design on an otherwise plain silk panel.

Especially if you're still collecting furniture and are in search of just the right style for your home, adding slightly more impactful curtains can be the perfect way to make an impression without stepping too heavily. And in the future, they will go with your style whether you decide to stick with the modified minimalism or instead want to gravitate toward one side of the other. 

Make sure that the design is subtle enough that you would still describe the panels as white if someone asked you to. Also, make sure that you're picking up a motif already in play somewhere in the space so that the drapes can be viewed in context. 

Minimalism doesn't have to be difficult or boring, and with slightly improved curtains, it won't be.