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Paris fashion week gives inspiration for home décor

Try adding black curtains to create a trendy Mod look in your home.

Try adding black curtains to create a trendy Mod look in your home.

Paris Fashion Week, which began on Tuesday, has already debuted a long list of upcoming trends for Spring 2014. At Half Price Drapes, we can show you how to apply these styles and colors to your home décor without breaking the bank.

  • Mod: Mod clothing plays up the contrast of black and white. During Paris Fashion week, many designers opted to showcase this combination. Among them was Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello. To pull this trend off in the home sector, You can create a trendy Mod look in your home by adding black curtains. Starting with window accessories will allow you to ease into the trend.
  • Shine: While matte finish was popular at one time, shiny fabrics are back in full force. Franco-Cambodian designer Christine Phung made use of this trend during her spring collection, titled “Liquid Dilusion.” The clothing featured metallic grey and silver fabric in order to achieve the flowing look of water. Pieces in the collection include silk trousers and pleated dresses and skirts.
  • White: As we have seen from New York Fashion week, many designers are going back to simplicity. What better way to achieve this goal than with the pure, white hue? Croatian designer Damir Doma’s spring look reflected this effortless motif. “The breezy white cotton looks felt like a welcome new direction from a man known for his monkish, dark and medieval styles,” French news source France24 report.

No matter which trend you decide to try in your home, browse the abundant selection of Half Price Drape’s curtains and drapes today.