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Nothing says class like linen curtains

If you've just moved in, you don't have to settle for a barren house.

If you've just moved in, you don't have to settle for a barren house.

Decorating a home can be tough, and the motivation to do so can be almost nonexistent when you know you'll only be there for a few months. After all, this is the kind of place that you picked for its availability, not its charm. In addition to not wanting to unpack all of your belongings, often these short-term homes need to be painted or can't even fit all of your furniture. 

However, there are some people who have a home that always looks perfect, no matter if they've lived there for their whole life or just a few days. Becoming settled easily in a new place comes easier with practice than anything else, but there are a few tricks that these nomadic home decorators usually employ that certainly help to make it more beautiful and homey.

One is making sure to use plenty of area rugs. If you have good rugs, they can travel with you from place to place, and instantly anchor your decor with something that you're familiar with. A floor covering can come in handy for covering up unsightly carpet or scratched hardwood as well.

Similarly, you can cover small windows with ugly frames by using Belgian linen curtains. These oversized drapes look good in almost any setting, and travel easily from place to place. Hang them well above your window and make sure that they touch the floor for a full dramatic effect. 

It can be easier to feel at home in a temporary location if you make sure that the layout is similar to your last place as well. Even if this is as trivial as hanging the pictures in the same spot, you'll instantly feel less lost if you know where to put things. 

Finally, make sure that you put in the effort. Don't just drop your bags and continue living out of a suitcase, spend a few hours a day getting the place just right. Before you know it, you won't want to leave.