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Mix and match your drapes to add a colorful element to a space you can’t paint

You can used colored drapes to reflect the colors of the rainbow.

You can used colored drapes to reflect the colors of the rainbow.

Some people just have an appetite for color. Whether they choose bold clothing, accessories or home furnishings, it seems that for some, bright hues are always preferable to their more subdued counterparts.

It's lucky, then, that people who have a good taste for bold shades are also especially adept at mixing them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This can be frustrating for color-lovers who live in rented spaces or dormitories that they're not allowed to paint.

But paint is not the only option for putting candy colored brights on your walls. You can use fun bold drapery to create a similar effect in any space. And best of all, curtains can be taken down at the end of your lease without leaving a mark on your immaculate walls.

If your room has a lot of windows, you can use a differently hued panel of grommet drapes on each one, in a range of your favorite shades or the entire spectrum if you wish. This will make the room into a sunny and interesting spot.

This is also an excellent way to employ the ombre trend that is so popular in beauty and clothing right now, rather than fading from one color to another on the same panel, use your curtains and drapes to create a gentle gradient around the room.

Renters don't need to feel bad that the terms of their lease is stripping their space of its potential style. Simply get a little creative and use basics like drapery in unconventional ways. Before you know it, your home will look even better than if you had settled on painted walls.