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Minimizing sibling rivalry in a shared bedroom

make sure your kids get along.

make sure your kids get along.

When you're raising more than one child, minimizing sibling rivalry and making sure that your kids get along is probably already at the forefront of what you're trying to do. This becomes more challenging if you have two children in one bedroom.

Though sharing a bedroom makes sense for a number of reasons, this arrangement will go a lot more smoothly if children can remain civil during the entirety of their shared stay. Because your little ones will be in such close proximity to eachother, small disagreements have the potential to turn into major blowouts very quickly.

The decor of this shared space is understandably a point on which your kids might disagree. It is important that you, the parent, guide your children through this process so that everyone feels represented in the design of the bedroom.

It is a good idea to let each of your children have sole control of one item in the room, which will ensure that they feel represented. You can, for instance, let each of your daughters pick her own bedside lamp, since she will be happy to know that you trust her to make this kind of a decision.

Other items, namely the drapes and bedspreads, should be chosen in collaboration. It's best to pick out something that's simple, since children's taste tends to change quite a bit as they grow older. Pick simple linen drapes, which will look elegant but not overly fancy in a room where children reside.

If you encourage your children to collaborate and ensure that everyone is represented in the decor of their shared bedroom, you can lay the foundation for a strong sibling relationship that will last a lifetime.