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Matching drapery will make a studio feel bigger

Drapes like this look perfect in a studio.

Drapes like this look perfect in a studio.

If you're living in a studio apartment, chances are that you could be feeling a little cramped. These one-room dwellings can be quite small, which – while offering a discount on rent – tends to mean that you can't fit all of your belongings. But ask anyone who lives comfortably in such a small space, and they'll tell you that decor makes all the difference. 

While a home can feel just roomy enough with sleek design choices, the same space can be absolutely cramped and disorganized if you aren't wise with your decor. Even though it often means spending a little bit of money up front, taking the time to decorate and find a place for each of your belongings – and then get rid of the rest – will make you feel at home no matter how small your space really is. 

Once you've done this, you should establish an aesthetic for the entire apartment. Particularly in studios, adding curtains and drapes can make a huge difference. Make sure that they match, and hang them outside of the windows themselves and all the way to the floor. This will make your windows, and in turn your apartment, feel much bigger overall. 

Don't be afraid to get creative with your choice of drapes. Choosing an unusual fabric or color will help you to make the space your own. If you like, see if you can order some extra fabric in the same pattern for chairs and throw pillows. 

Living in a studio doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Decorating properly can make a huge difference.