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Make your dining room welcoming on Thanksgiving Day

Seasonal drapery will ensure that your turkey doesn't clash with your decor!

Seasonal drapery will ensure that your turkey doesn't clash with your decor!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where family comes together over a glorious meal to think about the positive things in life and simply give thanks. Whether you typically celebrate with just your immediate family or host a large party filled with family and friends, thinking about your decor is just as important as making sure that all of the necessary dishes make it to the table.

If your dining room has a classic look during the rest of the year, you might encounter some trouble incorporating the festive colors of fall into the space. After all, brown and gold don't always go with, say, your sage green linen curtains.

But you don't have to resign yourself to a mismatched room if you want to have a beautiful Thanksgiving table that uses the colors of fall. Simply employ some seasonal drapery and your room will look as if it has been styled specifically for the occasion.

This is much easier than undergoing a large-scale renovation on the space, and will allow you to easily change back to your chosen year-round decor shortly after.

Since these seasonal drapes will only be up for a short time, you won't have to worry about durability at all. This is the perfect time to try out a design choice you've always wanted to experiment with, but haven't ever had the courage. Layering red and gold sheers, for example, will have a lovely effect on the room.

Rather than settle for a dining room that looks out of season and clashes with the beautiful fall colors of your Thanksgiving table, change out your drapery to pick something that looks perfect for this holiday.