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Make a guest room feel more homey with bed curtains

This style can give your guest room an otherworldly feeling.

This style can give your guest room an otherworldly feeling.

If you keep up with this blog regularly, you already know that when it comes to curtains and other drapery, windows are just the beginning. Window treatments can be an easy, convenient and cost effective way to convey a number of design styles in your own home.

Homes often come with an extra room upstairs or off to the side that is used as a guest room. Though a space like this is perfectly well-suited for putting a bed and extra dresser, these spare rooms tend to have slanted ceilings.

Rather than attempting to downplay the look of these shorter, and sometimes cumbersome ceilings, it is easier to use the uniqueness of the space to your advantage. One fantastic DIY solution for a room like this is to use curtains to create a sleeping oasis in the room.

Simply find drapes in a color and fabric that goes with your room's chosen decor, and hang them above the bed at the highest part of the ceiling. Allow them to balloon outward and reign them in at the place where the ceiling and wall meet, then let them cascade downward toward the floor.

You can use this technique on a single wall or to surround the bed and create a cozy nook that your guest will love. Rather than feeling as if they have been relegated to a converted attic, your friend or relative will marvel at the luxury and uniqueness of the room that you have reserved for them – they may never want to leave!

It's best to do this with a light colored solid – linen drapes can look particularly fantastic when hung in this manner, though patterned silk drapes will certainly make quite an impression as well. If you choose coordinating bedding and fill the room with relaxing accessories, you will simply love the effect that this will have on your guest space.