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Let the solstice inspire summer decor in your home

A linen striped set of drapes will make your house look like a cabana.

A linen striped set of drapes will make your house look like a cabana.

It's the summer solstice! In addition to being the first day of summer, this means it's the longest day of the year, giving all of us plenty of opportunities to spend time outside and welcome this favorite season. And while you might be spending time doing something nice outside today, it's also a great time to make sure that your home is in great shape for the summer. Chances are that you will want to take advantage of the good weather while it sticks around, so it will be beneficial to get your house ready for summer outings. 

Plan on spending time going to the beach or pool a lot this summer? Prepare a bag with everything you need and keep it in a convenient location near the door. This way, you can grab all the essentials for a day in the sun before heading out to the beach without having to look around to find them.

Especially if you have children, you might want to take this one step further, carving out a place in the entrance of your house to gather belongings, like backpacks and tennis shoes, as a kind of landing zone. Even if you already have something like this in your house, you can make a couple of updates so that it feels summery.

Add linen drapes around this corner, so that it feels like a cabana. Not only will this look feel like a fun summer treat, but you will also be able to close the drapes and cover the mess if you have guests coming over. It's tips like these that make summer more enjoyable.