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Leave behind sheers when layering for fall

Two different heavy curtains layered on top of eachother look great during the colder months.

Two different heavy curtains layered on top of eachother look great during the colder months.

There are many creative ways to make your interior design as come to life by utilizing unique and beautiful window treatment configurations. Depending on what room in the house you have decided to decorate with gorgeous coverings, the effect these furnishings have on your space can be significant, making it appear larger, smaller, more casual, formal or any adjective you can think of.

And while summer hasn’t ended quite yet, many interior designers are already considering looks that will make their spaces interact with the changing of the seasons and accommodate cooler temperatures. While a light and airy look will embrace the warmth outside and make the interior space seem cool rather than stifling during a summer heatwave, you want to shield your home against the elements once the leaves start changing and the temperatures begin to drop.

Many homeowners take the safe layering approach, and only implement the basic sheer curtain beneath the heavier drape that has a playful color or texture. Layering is popular all times of the year, but consider something a little more bold this season. When the seasons change over the next few months, considering taking out your sheer under layer and replacing it with a more substantial treatment like the one  you have on the outside. You could even purchase that very same drapery, and then play with the way the outside curtain is hung to fully utilize the look of layering. For instance, leave the bottom layer fully drawn at night time, but pull back the outer drape from the middle of the railing, creating an arc that adds textural dimension to the look.

This is a warm look that will help make your interior more cozy as summer comes to a close.