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Last minute DIY holiday décor

Get creative with your holiday decorations this year.

While Santa and his team of elves are working hard in the North Pole, chances are that you and your little ones are being equally as diligent to prepare for his arrival. From thinking about what cookies to bake, to transforming your house into a winter wonderland, you have a lot on your plate. If your space still looks a little bare, we can help you out. RealSimple.com recently listed the top DIY holiday decorations. Take a look at some of their stylish suggestions below:

  • Add some sparkles. Nothing is more festive than sparkles, and glittery decorations can carry through the new year. Jazz up standard round ornaments by dipping them in glitter and placing these trinkets inside glass vases for a chic look. 
  • Get in touch with nature: You may have all of the ingredients for festive décor right in your backyard. Try bringing in pieces of evergreen or decorate pine cones with gold glitter. Real Simple even suggests filling apothecary jars or vases with cranberries for a simple, but stylish, look.
  • Think outside of the box: If your traditional ornaments are feeling a bit stale, think outside of the box. "Add a pop of color to a corner with a retro-inspired palette that boasts an exotic side," states the online magazine. "Delicate balls in chartreuse, lavender, and pink scattered across the branches [make] an attention-worthy display. Rather than leaning on garland for texture, turn to feathers for an unexpected twist."

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