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Instead of giving them a TV this Christmas, give them a premium home theatre

Give them an impressive viewing experience right in your den.

Give them an impressive viewing experience right in your den.

It's the holiday season, and that means everyone is hurrying about, eager to get the best gift for every person on their list. As technology becomes better and less expensive, many people have decided to spring for the television of their dreams this Christmas.

A TV is certainly a gift that the whole family will enjoy, since everyone can come together and watch a movie or show that they love. Best of all, even the largest of screens can fit in almost any sized room since this technology is now so thin.

But why stop at just the television when you can give them an entire home theater? Your family would be beyond impressed if you they got such an extravagant gift for Christmas this year, and it doesn't even have to cost that much.

While not every home can have the kind of premium media rooms that celebrity mansions have, you can make your already comfortable den into a very good media room of its own.

You already have comfortable seating, which is the first priority in any home theater. If you mount the TV on the wall, you'll be well on your way to the media room that you've always desired.

Simply install velvet blackout drapes over windows and doorways in order to block any light coming in from the outside. These can be layered under other drapes for aesthetic purposes, but they will help to make the room perfect for viewing your favorite show or flick. You can also add a surround-sound system for a complete experience, but that can be added later if you're trying to keep costs down.

Rather than just giving your family the television that they desire, make your gift really special by giving them the ultimate place to watch all their favorite shows.