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How to be a great holiday host

Your guests will be grateful for your hospitality this holiday season!

Your guests will be grateful for your hospitality this holiday season!

The holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year because they allow us to reconnect with family and friends both near and far. If you'll be hosting Christmas this year, not only do you want to make sure your home looks great, you also want to be a hospitable host. How do you become the host (or hostess) with the most, you ask? Interior designer Jessica McClendon recently shared her hosting tips with houzz.com. Take a look at some of the helpful hints:

  • Go the extra mile: McClendon believes that added touches of luxury, such as individual soap in a the bathroom, can make a guest feel wanted. Think about how you like to be treated when you visit someone from out-of-town and use your likes and dislikes to guide you as a host.
  • Make your guests feel at home: When it comes to interior designing, comfort is key and even trumps aesthetic. "I've been in beautiful houses that have all the warmth of a mausoleum," jokes McClendon. "People will feel more comfortable if they know it's OK to toss their bag near the door or hang their sweater on the back of a chair. If your guests are afraid to touch anything, they can't really relax and enjoy your company."
  • Provide privacy: While your guests enjoy your company, sometimes they just want to have alone time as well. Respect their privacy and be sure that their room is equipped with curtains and drapes to block out excess light.

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