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How floral patterns can bring interest and depth to any room

Floral patterns can take cues from any species found in nature, making them some of the more versatile designs on drapes.

Floral patterns are one design feature that, on drapes, can be appropriate in almost any environment. Because there are so many different varieties of this print,you can create a look using a pattern based onalmost any species of flora you can imagine.

These patterns can transcend seasons, being appropriate even in cold weather. The flowers may but be blooming outside, but you can still incorporate their shapes and colors into a room's aesthetic. In this situation, pick a subtle floral pattern that gives the curtain texture rather than making it pop with thoughts of springtime. This can be accomplished by sticking to one general color palette that only deviates slightly in hue between the pattern and the background, ensuring that the two almost blend.

Floral patterns don't necessarily mean that the room will take on a strictly feminine tone either. Men may notice that many of their neckties have floral patterns. Using their favorite tie as a starting point, men can pick out a drape for their office or study that doesn't overdo the pastels but evokes a more masculine feel.

Variations in the color scheme of the drape are what make floral patterns work in different situations. Because of the intricate petal designs and weaving stems and vines, these patterns more interesting than traditional striping, and provide more opportunity to play with colors With these distinctive prints, you have the opportunity to either make an impressive statement, contribute to a room's simple elegance or anything in between.