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Have an unused closet in your house? Turn it into a children’s reading nook!

Let your child read in a special nook of your design.

Let your child read in a special nook of your design.

Does your house seem to have more closet space than it does square footage? Though they're handy for stowing away items that don't need to be seen around the clock, sometimes it seems like the space would better be used if it was a part of the house.

If you're in this situation with your home, it's easy to turn an empty closet into a reading nook perfect for kids. The first step is to remove everything from the closet, and take off the closet doors.

Next, you're going to want to add some lighting to the inside of the closet so that it seems like less of a dark and creepy place. Whether you take this opportunity to install overhead lights or simply add a few lamps, it's important that this is a bright space.

Now pick out the furniture. Both benches and chairs work well in these spaces, depending on what you have room for in this little nook. Whatever furniture you choose, make sure that it's comfortable and cozy, since your child is going to be less likely to curl up with a book in an uncomfortable space.

In order to make this part of the home a fun hideaway for your child, you can also put some drapes in the doorway. That way, if your little one is hard at work on some homework or another project, they can have the privacy they desire. Still, it's best not to choose something very heavy, since this is a small area. This is a great opportunity to use sheer drapes, which will partition this part off from the rest of the room, without completely closing it off.

This project is so simple that you'll wonder why you haven't done it before, and it can add a wonderful new spot for your child to hang out and explore a book.