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Give your home the feeling of the beach by constructing interior cabanas

Why not bring the feeling of the beach right into your living room?

Why not bring the feeling of the beach right into your living room?

It's no secret that during this time of year, most of us want to spend some time on a luxurious vacation on the sandy shores of a beach. Of course, whether it's time or finance, plenty of things stand in the way of our coming up with the perfect escape from a relentless winter. This leaves many of us to suffer through the final weeks of cold weather and instead wait until the days get longer and the breeze becomes warm. 

But it's possible to bring that beachy feeling into your house in a number of ways. Rather than letting the doorways remain ordinary, why not make them into beach cabanas?

This style will work in short hallways as well as doorways in your house, and is simple to execute. First, identify the area that you would like to turn into a luxury cabana, and then pick out a drapery pattern that would work well in the setting. The style works particularly well with silk drapes, which bring an indoor sense of luxury to the setting. 

Use tiebacks so that the area can remain a hallway or doorway during the time it's not masquerading as a beach hideaway, but add a few baskets of magazines and a pair of benches so that the secluded area can have its own seating when it is your personal cabana. 

Sure, it might seem akin to building a fort out of blankets, but these look quite nice when done well, and you can save yourself from the winter blues by curling up in your cabana with a paperback and a cold drink. Just because you're not on vacation doesn't mean you can't relax.