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Give formal drapes a relaxed DIY twist

Looking for a quick way to update your formal living room? Just add ribbon.

Looking for a quick way to update your formal living room? Just add ribbon.

Just like in fashion, home design sees many trends. While it is perfectly okay to simply sit one fad out, not wanting to redecorate every year and a half, it’s important to keep up with the prevailing style in home decor, or you will end up dating your dwelling without even realizing it. Perhaps inspired by Pintrest and the numerous do-it-yourself projects that get swapped and shared on the site, handmade projects look very good to most people right now. 

Homeowners all over the world are swapping out their factory-made textiles and furniture for the likes of reclaimed wood, hand stitched patterns and other objects with a personal connection. For this reason, formal decor, which has always had a buttoned-up appearance, may not look right anymore. 

But keeping up with the latest home design trends doesn’t mean redecorating your house top-to-bottom. Rather, it’s very possible to make a few small changes that reflect the contemporary aspects of home decor style. 

For example, if your house has formal silk drapes in the living room, they may have started to take on an overly formal appearance. Rather than replacing these with a new set of window treatments, you can add a DIY tie-back to dress them down just a little bit. Find some velvet ribbon in a color that you like and that goes with the look of the space - if you have neutral curtains, use an accent hue.

Then, you can take the ribbon and tie it in a bow, holding back each panel of the drapes. Doing this will add a little bit of handmade charm to your space, ridding it of an ostentatious feeling that you might have been giving off before. Best of all, if you want to go back to your dressed-up style in the future, just untie the bows!