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Get festive with a chic at-home bar

Decorate your home with festive drapes this holiday season.

Decorate your home with festive drapes this holiday season.

Are you throwing an elaborate holiday soiree or even just an intimate gathering this season? No party is complete without tasty snacks and creative cocktails. Of course, when it comes to serving treats and drinks, presentation is everything. If you've ever been to a fancy bar, you know that alcohol seems to taste better when you're sipping it in a luxurious atmosphere. Check out some tips to ensure that your at-home bar is chic and sophisticated:

  • Add a garnish: A garnish gives a drink a little something extra, similar to the way that stylish curtains provide a room with a dose of pizzazz. Use fruit, chocolate or even candy canes to garnish your cocktails.
  • Invest in appropriate glasses: "For everyday use in your home bar, you only need six or eight of each of these three basic types: a short glass, a tall glass, and a stem," reports MarthaStewart.com. "If you plan to serve wine at your parties, invest in eight to 12 basic stemmed wineglasses, either a single shape that is appropriate for both red and white or separate sets of glasses for each."
  • Store alcohol properly: Liquor lasts longer if you store it away from sunlight. If your at-home bar is located near a window, simply cover up the fixture with stylish curtains and drapes. (Bonus points if your window coverings are a festive shade of red or green!)

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