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Express your personal style with trendy printed cotton curtains

Easily express your personal style with these cotton drapes.

Easily express your personal style with these cotton drapes.

If you spend a lot of time on social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, you will undoubtedly be aware of the fact that geometric patterns are extremely popular for the home right now. Often done in rugs, throw pillows and window treatments, these designs typically feature a brightly colored background with a neutral design on top of it, grabbing the attention of anyone who is walking by without appearing too busy and competing with the rest of the room. 

Some people like this type of design so much that they will even include a small accent wall painted with a similar pattern in their interior. But if you're not particularly crafty, the idea of stenciling and painting a complex pattern in more than one color might seem like more trouble than it's worth, especially as you will probably have to redo it once you find another trendy style that you like better. 

Because many people don't want to do a labor-intensive job like that only to have to redo it in a short amount of time, it is often preferable to make use of more easily changed items, like patterned fabrics. Your drapes are an excellent way to express your love for a specific trend without having to do a lot of work to change the aesthetic down the line. Plus, if you pick a pattern for your cotton drapes that you really love, you might even want to hold on to if for years in the future.

There's an easier way to express your personal style than with a complicated painting project. Just use drapes!