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Dress up DIY window treatments with quality hardware

The right hardware can make DIY drapes look like couture.

The right hardware can make DIY drapes look like couture.

Decorating your home the way you want can be a tricky and expensive task. Furniture, textiles and even paint tend to be a bit pricier than most of us expect, and doing an entire house can be a costly venture. For this reason, many homeowners choose to go the do-it-yourself route to save money.

But DIY design is often completed with varying degrees of success, and the general consensus on the topic is that, except in the cases of master craftsmen, it's best to take on a few small projects at first.

Many people who know their way around the sewing machine choose to make their own window treatments in order to save some of the expense from buying curtains and drapes from a retailer. Depending on the skill of the decorator, this can be done very well, but in other cases the undertaking is simply too much. When creating window treatments at home, it's best to stick with a simpler model.

Simple drapes or window valances are going to be easier to attempt than a Roman shade or layered treatment. You should also look carefully at the fabric you plan on using. Silk and sheer drapes can be harder to do yourself, since the material that they're made out of is more difficult to work with. If you're planning on attempting DIY curtains, stick with a basic cotton.

Once you have completed your window treatments, you will find that they will look much better if you choose to display them on ornate hardware. Use a premium rod, and think about adding other accessories, such as tiebacks, to add a dramatic element to your window.

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