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DIY window décor for the holidays

Get festive with your window decor this holiday season.

Get festive with your window decor this holiday season.

The holidays are known as the most wonderful time of year, and also a time when you can exude your complete creativity. From decorating your famous cookies, to wrapping presents, it is clear to see that presentation is everything around the holidays. But don't just get caught up in creating the perfect gingerbread house because your own home needs a little TLC as well. When it comes to decorating, homeowners tend to go straight for the tree and fireplace, and often overlook the importance of windows. This year, show your windows some attention with these decorating tips.

  • Garland: Garland doesn't just have to be tacky and metallic. In fact, nowadays homeowners are favoring a more natural variation of the traditional Christmas decoration. Drape evergreen garland across your windows for an especially festive look. You can even create the garland yourself with household items and dental floss. Real Simple Magazine suggests stringing popcorn on dental floss for a DIY version.
  • Homemade Advent calendar: "Make an Advent calendar to count down to Christmas. Number small bags and place a little gift or note in each one. Hang the bags on clothesline strung across a window using clothespins," reported Better Homes & Gardens. "Then each day, look for the corresponding bag and enjoy a mini treat." You're little ones will love the daily treats and countdown to their favorite day of the year.

As you can see, you don't necessarily have to spend a boatload of money on decorations. Similarly, you can choose stylish window fashions that are both chic and affordable if you purchase them through Half Price Drapes.