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Decorate your home for the Academy Awards

Give your home the red-carpet treatment!

Give your home the red-carpet treatment!

Hooray for Hollywood! in honor of Sunday's Academy Awards, it's time to decorate your home like a movie star. Throwing an Oscar-themed party is a great excuse to look glamorous, catch up with old friends and indulge in tasty treats. If you need help thinking of ideas for your soiree, take a look at some helpful hosting tips:

  • Create a chic centerpiece: "Decorate the appetizer table with a centerpiece that is as glamorous as the Oscar-nominated film stars," suggests Kristin Schmitt of Better Homes & Gardens. "Shimmery silver-white balls and elegant feathers arranged on a cake plate make a striking focal point. Or let black-and-white plumes billow out of an ice bucket for a retro 1940's Hollywood glam effect."
  • Serve themed-food: Make sure that your array of snacks coincide with the theme of the night: Movies! For instance, who doesn't like movie theater popcorn? To give this favorite snack a glamorous makeover, create a gourmet popcorn station in your dining room. Add toppings, such as Parmesan cheese, cinnamon and of course butter & salt to the mix. For guests who crave a sweet & salty mix, serve your favorite movie theater-inspired candy. Or, rename you favorite sweets to coincide with the theme. Does anyone else have a craving for red-carpet velvet cupcakes?

We hope your party goes off without a hitch! Be sure to check our blog on Monday when we detail the most popular fashion trends of Oscar night — and show you how to apply these styles to your curtains and drapes