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Can’t paint? Make accent drapes the focal point of your room

Bright colors can save your boring walls.

Some of the nicest spaces to live in are rentals. Especially in urban areas, it's common for individuals to rent every apartment that they live in. This has its perks, since the inhabitants of rented spaces are not generally responsible for the maintenance of their space, and have the freedom to move out without going through the pains of selling a place. 

Many leases, though, include a number of restrictions in terms of what residents can do with their space. Most commonly, renters are barred from painting the walls of their dwelling. Though it's easy to tell why this might be a stipulation in the lease of a house, it can leave those who are more adventurous in terms of design in a real bind in terms of how interesting they can make the rooms of their home. 

After all, bright colors on the wall are an instant and easy way to convey style in a given area, and the same is not true of rooms with white walls. If you're encountering this design dilemma, don't fret - there is an easy solution. If you were planning on having bright walls and neutral window treatments, simply swap them. 

An unpainted space is the perfect place to make use of bright, bold curtains and drapes, since making them the focal point of your room will serve to make the entire space more interesting. 

This can be done in a number of ways, but it's best to make use of a single color and put it on all of the windows in a given room. Choose something brighter than normal, since you are looking for them to stand out, and watch your drapes become the centerpiece of your room. When done right, nobody will even notice that you have white walls.