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Bring natural looks into your bathroom with textured dupioni silk

This textured window treatment is perfect for the bathroom.

This textured window treatment is perfect for the bathroom.

Finding the right window treatments for your bathroom is one of the most difficult aspects of decorating for many of us. All of the accessories in your bathroom have to be able to stand up to both hot and cold, and should not be particularly delicate, given that they're more than likely to encounter at least a little steam from the shower.

This leads many people to decide that they'd rather not have a lot of fabrics in their bathroom, which can pose a problem in terms of choosing a window treatment. Windows are essential for ventilation in a bathroom, but it's equally important to make sure that yours is covered so that family members and guests have the privacy they require. 

Multiple styles of curtains and drapes are simply not practical in a bathroom, such as flowing silk drapes or a simple valance that doesn't cover the whole window. Many people choose to use Roman shades in this part of the house, since they are visually appealing and practical, making them an ideal choice for the bathroom. 

If you're looking for something that will go well with the natural aesthetic of your bathroom, you may want to consider a textured dupioni silk Roman shade. This has a lifelike pattern that will bring a lovely elegance to your bathroom without falling apart after just a few months. Even better, the window treatment is convenient to have in this part of the house. 

Rather than struggling to constantly replace the wrong drapes in your bathroom, make sure that you choose something that will make sense.