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Avoid these common interior design mistakes

Incorporate your favorite color into your home for a personal look.

Incorporate your favorite color into your home for a personal look.

Let's face it, we've all made mistakes when trying to decorate a room. Either we chose the wrong color palette or ended up purchasing a piece of furniture that clashed with our décor. Turning a house into a home isn't always an easy task (and can be expensive), but that's why Half Price Drapes' is here to help you. Check out some common design mistakes homeowners make and be sure to avoid these slip-ups during your next design project.

  • Disproportion: Do you have a piece of artwork that just seems to be throwing off the vibe of your entire room? The problem may be that the picture was put up incorrectly. "Art that's too high or low is a dead giveaway of a decorating rookie. Eye-level is the goal," advises interior design website ApartmentTherapy.com.
  • Unoriginality: Have you ever walked into a home that looks exactly like a showroom at your local furniture store? While taking design cues from professionals is a great way to learn about trends, copying designer looks too much can create an unoriginal look. Be sure to add your own personal flair into your home. For instance, try selecting drapes or curtains in your favorite hue or pattern.
  • Wrong lighting: Lighting can make or break a room. The best kind of light is natural light so be sure to let in enough sun throughout the day. Although this task is more difficult in the winter, Half Price Drapes' sheer drapes and curtains are great for allowing sunlight to flourish, and are also stylish!