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An easy way to decorate your windows for Valentine’s Day

Give your home a more romantic feeling this Valentine's Day.

Give your home a more romantic feeling this Valentine's Day.

There is no wrong way to celebrate Valentine's Day – the only thing that matters is being with the person you love. Whether your plans are going out for a nice dinner, embarking on a group date with friends, or simply spending a quiet evening at home, the ultimate point is to be with your significant other. If you are one of the couples that is not leaving the house, you can decorate your space to give it a more romantic vibe than its everyday appearance. Putting up some decorations is the perfect way to get you into the spirit of the holiday!

For an easy window decoration, all you need is some fabric from a local crafts store. Keep it classy by going with silk or crushed velvet, something that will really add to the atmosphere of the room. And be sure to stick with the traditional Valentine's Day color, red. A thicker material will also offer privacy from any romantic activities that will happen later on in the evening.

All you need to do with your fabric is roll the top edge over the curtain rod and tuck the rest underneath so it falls over your window curtains. Your room will immediately become more intimate, as the natural lighting will be all but blocked out. If you have some extra time before your date arrives, attach some flowers or fabric hearts over it, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming. In this situation, simple is better.

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