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Affordable updates for your home

Experiment with patterns and texture in the home sector.

Experiment with patterns and texture in the home sector.

Do you want to update your home without breaking the bank? You don't necessarily have to remodel an entire room in your house to update its look. A few interior design tweaks and add-ons can go a long way. Check out some of the helpful pointers from celebrity interior designer Jeremiah Brent, reported in GQ magazine.

  • Experiment with textures: "If you're afraid of colors, you can add interest with textures. Cable knits, tweeds, cowhide, etc are a great way to add onto a simple color palette," Brent said. Many homeowners shy away from painting their walls a bright color because they don't want it to appear overpowering. However, with a variety of textures in items such as couches, blankets and curtains, you can add diversity to a room without the full commitment of an entire painting job. Be sure to check out Half Price Drapes' wide variety of window coverings, in textures such as silk and velvet.
  • Purchase key pieces of furniture: When it comes to furniture, comfort and quality trump the trends. Although it's tempting to be trendy in the home sector, investing in a sturdy staple piece of furniture, such as a couch or chair, can make your wallet a little heavier. Instead of buying new furniture when trends fade, you'll always have that dependable object in your home, which you can accessorize with less-expensive trend items, such as throw rugs or blankets.
  • Reinvent: Just because a piece of furniture or household item seems outdated that doesn't mean you can't reinvent it. Brent suggests using the fabric from old clothing items to make throw pillow and thinking out of the box when repurposing old furniture on a budget.