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3 summer home improvement projects

Here are a few home improvement projects for the summer.

Here are a few home improvement projects for the summer.

We are officially in summer! As school lets out for the year and the weather finally stays warm, many homeowners are going to be looking for ways to make improvements to their living space. Summer is the perfect time of year to take on some home improvement projects, as being outside more means that jobs can be tackled both in the interior and exterior of the house. Many will want to make their residence more presentable because of the hours that will be spent hosting friends and families over the course of this season. Small renovations will improve your home and add to its value.

Here are a few summer home improvement projects:

  • Adding storm doors: You can help protect your real doors and the inside of your home by having new storm doors installed. Keep all of your doors safe from damage from the unpredictable summer weather.
  • Painting a room: If you look around your house, chances are you will find at least one room that could use a bit of a makeover. Whether that is the family room or bathroom, any space could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. If you are going to choose a completely new color, opt for one that is light and reflects the feeling of the season.
  • Upgrading the backyard: One of the most used spaces in a home during the summer is the backyard. You should do all you can to spruce up this area and make it a space where you and your loved ones will want to gather on a regular basis. New patio furniture, fire pit or some surrounding plants will really bring your backyard together.

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