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3 popular trends in window coverings

Here are a few popular trends for window treatments.

Here are a few popular trends for window treatments.

If you are in the process of redecorating your house, you will likely be looking at different styles and options for drapes in the near future. Having high-quality modern window treatments is a must in any household these days, as they serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. The best curtains will not only look great in your living room and bedroom, but they will also add a layer of security to the residence as well as keeping the space cool in the summer and hot in the winter. The right coverings for your windows can truly pull an entire room together.

Here are a few trends that are currently popular for window treatments:

  • Different textures: When it comes to the styles, people want to break away from what has traditionally been seen in homes. A textured weave will give the drapes a distinct look, as well as create a feeling of elegance in the room.
  • Energy efficiency: Just as important as how the drapes look in a room is their functionality. These days, homeowners are looking for curtains and blinds that will be able to reduce the energy bill of their homes by blocking the heat from the sun’s rays during the summer. Having the right drapes can help you cut your power costs.
  • Motorization: The need for strings or other pieces that have usually been used to operate window treatments is being removed with more options of window coverings that can be controlled with a remote. This is a great idea for those with small children or pets that are nervous of any injury that could be caused by the drapes.

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