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3 places to avoid looking for home design inspiration

Here are a few places you shouldn't look to for interior design suggestions.

When it comes to designing a room in your home, chances are that you will be looking all over the place for new inspiration. While it is important to keep an open mind to how your room can look once the project is over, it is also crucial that you avoid looking in places that could lead you down a design path that you do not want to follow. You should have a very broad idea of how you would like the space to be decorated when you begin the project, so you at least have a solid jumping off point.

Here are a few places to avoid looking for design inspiration:

  • A model home: Realtors set up model houses to look as bland as possible to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Your own place should have color splashed throughout and statement furniture pieces, not be the near-empty rooms that model homes almost always contain. While they might look clean and professional, you should not look to them.
  • Magazines: Like the model home, interior decorating magazines will give you an unrealistic expectation of how a house is supposed to look. These photographs are the result of work from an interior designer with a high budget, so they can end up giving you unrealistic expectations.
  • Neighbor's place: Once you begin your project, you will likely be looking all over the place to see what style options you can incorporate into your own house. Even if you like the design of a neighbor's home, it is best not to emulate it too closely, as what looks good there might not translate well to your space. Besides, you want your room to have its own personality, not just be a carbon copy.

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