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3 common pet peeves of interior designers

Here are a few interior design pet peeves from designer Leslie Hart-Davidson.

Here are a few interior design pet peeves from designer Leslie Hart-Davidson.

When many people change the interior of their homes, they enlist the help of a hired professional. Interior designers will be able to work with you to create a space that is both functional and uniquely your own to upgrade your household in a way that you love. Any interior designer worth their fee is going to have strong opinions on how a house should and should not be decorated, as well as letting you know what mistakes you should avoid. While speaking to local Michigan ABC news affiliate WZZM, designer Leslie Hart-Davidson shared some of her biggest design pet peeves.

Here are a few of the issues Hart-Davidson talked about:

  • Cheap outlet covers: When it comes to a home, attention must be paid to even the smallest details. Hart-Davidson says that the white covers that come standard as outlet protectors should be replaced with something a little more elegant.
  • Disorganized clutter: Every home is going to have functional clutter in a tight space – such as small appliances covering the countertop in your kitchen. The key to making that work is having them be organized in a way that makes sense, so your home does not simply look like an overstuffed mess.
  • Impersonal decor: According to Hart-Davidson, one of the most important things that a home can do is let people know who you are. The best design schemes will have the personality of the homeowner imbedded in them to create a true unique identity. Who you are, where you come from and what you believe in are the three most important questions to answer.

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