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3 celebrity interior design tips from Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad offers her interior design tips to homeowners.

Lauren Conrad offers her interior design tips to homeowners.

Television personality Lauren Conrad has found a second act to her career by becoming a fashion designer. Like the lines of clothing that she creates, Conrad is always up on the latest trends when it comes to having the best look in the home. On her website, Conrad offers some tips for those who are looking to change the interior of their house, whether it is a new space you have just moved into or you are looking to give a certain room a much needed makeover. You do not have to break the bank in order to incorporate Conrad's suggestions into your household.

Here are a few of the best tips Conrad offers homeowners:

  • Comfort is key: You should not purchase a piece of furniture, Conrad says, just for aesthetic purposes. Feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home is important, so you need to make sure that you are investing in furniture that is both stylish and functional.
  • Know your limits: "It's important to understand your design limitations. Be familiar with the size and scale of the room. Also, consider your environment and respond to it. Whether you're in the city or the countryside, it helps to take a cue from your surroundings. In turn, you can narrow down your choices based on the context of your space," Conrad writes.
  • Personalize the space: The most important part of a home's decor is that it should reflect the people who live there. You should be able to walk into anybody's house and be able to tell who they are as people, just from their interior design scheme.

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