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Window treatment trends for 2014

Popular design trends for window treatments.

Popular design trends for window treatments.

No matter how a room is decorated, windows will always be a main focal point. A window sets the tone for an entire room and is also the foundation for any successful decorating plan. How windows are accessorized will not only affect your home's appearance from the outside, but  it can also entirely change your mood while in the room. When looking for new window treatment ideas and supplies, do not shop around blindly. Here are some top window treatment design trends for 2014:

  • Keep the colors neutral: For the best look of a window treatment, do not go crazy with the colors you use. Sticking with white or off-white will almost always work best for any window. Do not worry about the durability of the material and because window treatments are not used and abused constantly like a carpet, the white will not be marked up easily. Safe neutral colors will work well with however the rest of the room is designed.
  • Less is more: Homeowners can always add more layers to their windows as they see fit, but start with just the basics. Window treatments should add flavor to a room while also serving a privacy function, and do not need to be overbearing or distracting. Start with simple understated shades before you add busier material.
  • Wovens are in: According to HGTV designer Lyn Peterson, natural and synthetic woven treatments are making a big comeback. Once popular throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Peterson says that the material will add texture to otherwise flat walls. They will give your room a trendy look.

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