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Window fashion trends for the kitchen

Adding a valance can liven up a kitchen.

Adding a valance can liven up a kitchen.

Whether you're a master chef or amateur cook, selecting appropriate shades, curtains or blinds for your kitchen is essential. The right curtains can brighten up an ambiance, as well as provide practical needs—such as privacy, sunlight and heat—to your kitchen area. If you're having trouble deciding what window fashions are right for your kitchen, you're in luck! HGTV.com recently spelled out some important trends regarding window coverings from the kitchen. Take a look at some helpful tips below:

  • Coordination: Chances are that you already have your kitchen appliances and counter tops figured out, so it's best to coordinate your window fashions with these features. Try selecting shades that will brighten up your ambiance, especially if you have a contemporary kitchen with dark granite countertops and black appliances.
  • Simplicity: When it comes to styling your kitchen, simplicity is key. However, don't confuse simplicity with blandness. If you're choosing simple curtains or shades, make them pop with a hint of color.
  • Sunlight: It's crucial to get enough sunlight in your kitchen. After all, who wants to eat breakfast in a dark and dingy area? "Pleated shades offer a privacy treatment and still allow plenty of light," Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for Interiors by Decorating Den, tells the source.
  • Texture: Contrasting textures look great in the kitchen. Balance your smooth countertops with texturally rich blinds.

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