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Warm up the winter with Southwestern décor

These beautiful blue drapes are right on trend with Southwestern home decor.

These beautiful blue drapes are right on trend with Southwestern home decor.

If you live in the Northern part of the country, you've already been through a rough winter this year—and it's only just begun! If you have the January blues, a home makeover may be just what you need to lift your mood. Take a look at some helpful tops to warm up your home with sizzling Southwestern décor.

  • Colors: "Azure is a powerful color with the Native Americans, and its reputed powers to ward off evil spirits make it a favorite color for exterior doors and windows," writes Hannah Wickford of Demand Media. "All colors reflect colors found in nature, like salmon, forest green, slate blue and lemon yellow." The Southwestern style favors a neutral background that allows bright décor to pop. Try painting your living room light shades such as tan, cream or off-white and adding vibrancy through yellow or turquoise curtains and drapes.
  • Decorations: Artwork, particularly colorful murals, reflect Southwestern history. Other decorative items that follow this trend include candles, dried flowers, hand-painted pottery, sculptures and bright blankets.
  • Furniture: The Southwestern design scheme favors minimalist furniture to balance out the bright and colorful home décor. When it comes to choosing a couch, chair or table, simplicity is key. Look for neutral items that blend in with your surroundings and be sure to place these furniture pieces away from the wall to create a cozy, social space.

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