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Warm up a modern hallway with bright picture frames

Subdued grey drapes like this are a nice contrast.

Subdued grey drapes like this are a nice contrast.

If you live in a modern house, you know that this style of architecture is at once inspiring and frustrating. After all, the large expanses of empty space that are typical of this type of house can seem a little daunting and cold. However, if you're not entirely committed to living in a minimalist structure, it's possible to warm up your interior using just a few techniques. 

While you are likely familiar with the fact that you can make a living or dining room more approachable by adding interesting furniture and decor items, a hallway can still seem mystifying. Rather than leaving this space unadorned, a wall decoration can really make a difference. One technique that some homeowners have employed with great success is to use this space to hang pictures at eye level. 

If you keep frames fun and interesting, just on one side of the hallway, this will turn the length of the space into an interesting attribute, rather than a drawback. If there are windows on the other side, consider accenting them with linen drapes

You can hang pictures, paintings, posters or other artwork that you love in the frames, and even use blank ones if you like. These walls typically look best when there is a variety of colors and styles represented. Confining it to a strip, and juxtaposing it with subdued drapes is what will help to keep this decor style in line with a more streamlined and modern structure. 

If you're struggling to work with your modern house, think outside the box and use the expanses of white space to your advantage.