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Using window treatments to make a canopy in your sunroom

In a sunny room, sheer curtains can designate a space within a space.

When you think of a canopy for furniture, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a four post bed. However, you can take the canopy out of the bedroom to make any area feel more cozy and comfortable.

A good area to consider employing a canopy is in a bright area like a sunroom. By using window treatments to surround a seating arrangement in this kind of room, you create a spot that is not only a small, pleasant escape, but you also add a hint of whimsy to the area.

Place a small table or chairs in the center of your room. On the ceiling above this seating arrangement, place hooks or rods that you can hang a series of pleasantly colored sheer curtains around. This will effectively create a room within a room, and craft a very interesting design aesthetic.

Make the enclosure as large or as small as you see fit, allowing the faux-canopy to either dominate the look of the room or just a small spot for subtle seclusion.

Sheer curtains are the best choice for this as they give the room a softer look and allow the light that makes a sunroom so valuable to shine on through.

To add weight to the design scheme, use a darker kind of sheer to contrast the brightness of the area. A nice gray or blue will work wonderfully, or even earth tones, which will appear particularly relevant in the fall as the leaves begin to change.

You'll be able to create the canopy look without actually having to invest in any kind of serious structural supports furniture-wise. By getting creative with your window treatments, the opportunities to create an innovative design in your home are seemingly endless.