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Using window treatments outdoors on your porch

Make your porch a little mroe comfortable by incorporating drapes.

People shouldn’t be holed up indoors when the weather’s nice, and a space such as a farmers porch can provide the perfect gathering spot for friends and family.

One thing that most of these areas tend to lack, however, is a sense of privacy, as they are outside the walled confines of a home’s interior. Whether or not nosey neighbors are an issue for you, you can bring a little privacy, and a lot of style, to your outdoor space by employing window treatments.

Hanging drapes around your porch adds substance to the exterior design of your house. By choosing drapes with an interesting hue or pattern, you can invigorate your home’s existing color scheme.

When bringing window treatments outdoors, it is best to use a fabric that is not only elegant, but also durable. Taffeta window treatments are light enough to not weigh down the atmosphere of a space while still adequately concealing an area. Contrasting nicely with the solid color of a home’s exterior, you may choose a bold, vertical striped design on a taffeta fabric drape.

Layering a sheer curtain with a more solid fabric will also add grandeur to the look of your porch, making it more than just a place to stomp your shoes before going inside. This will make the porch feel like an extension of your indoor space.

Using curtains on your porch gives you more opportunities to enjoy intimate time outdoors with your friends and family. It’s also an easy way to change the entire look of your home from the outside without having to invest in a new paint job.