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Using window treatments instead of closet doors in bedrooms

Replace your closet door to bring more space to any bedroom.

A beautiful drape can be so much more than just a decoration. Aside from controlling the natural light exposure in a given room, drapes can also economize space in a house by replacing closet doors in smaller bedrooms.

Employing a drape instead of a door gives you more room to move around and furnish. This effect can also expand your room by including your closet as an extension of the existing space.

In a bedroom shared by siblings, this design method gives parents more room to fit the necessary furniture for multiple children into one space. A dresser or a desk can even be placed within the closet, opening up more floor area in the rest of the bedroom, and with the ease of access a drape provides, it won't hide the furnishing away.

Drapes also give you an opportunity to add more vibrancy to a bedroom by replacing a dull closet doorway with a covering that reflects a color or a pattern that can dictate the room's aesthetic appeal. This is especially true in children's rooms, where you can get extra creative with playful drape designs.

Drapes-as-doors are able to work in adult spaces quite well also, like in apartments or studios where you want to get as much usable space as you can out of every room. This is especially true in loft-style residences that benefit from the more open feel that substituting drapes in favor of doors can provide.

Drapes give you a lot of options when it comes to designing your home that extend beyond dressing your window if you use a little imagination.