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Using ruched top drapes to build an elegant space in your own home

By incorporating gold tassels into the look, you enhance the lushness of the drape.

By incorporating gold tassels into the look, you enhance the lushness of the drape.

If you are among those lucky enough to frequent the opera or get invited to the occasional gala event, then you have probably witnessed the elegance of ruched window treatments. These kinds of drapes are common in grand spaces with large, dramatic windows, or on grandiose stages where artists perform the classics.

Should you not be one of the fortunate elite who often makes appearances at luxurious balls, you can bring the feeling of living the high life into your own home just by imitating the style of window treatments used in these decadent spaces. If used in your dining room, a ruched taffeta faux-solid drape is a relatively inexpensive option that will up the grandeur of the space without making you pay the premiums of the rich and famous.

The fabric at the top of these overlong curtains is bunched about the rod giving the window treatment a lush, opulent look. This aesthetic is especially easy to accomplish should you employ a fabric with a high level of sheen, such as a velvet or a silk. This will make it appear like you have a separate valance over your hanging drape, when in reality it is one window treatment serving both purposes.

Though these drapes look fabulous as they hang in long billowing waves from a window, you can use elaborate golden tassels to tie back the curtain, adding an extra air of touch of opulence to the overall design. All of this will give you a room that you will be proud to show off to guests, whether they be royalty or just members of your own clan.