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Using roman shades to dress up your personal bathroom

Every woman needs her own private bathroom.

It is imperative to many women that they have their own personal space within their bathroom. If not their own sink, a whole room to themselves is all that will suffice in making sure they can prepare to face the day in peace and with privacy. If you are one of these women and you have a busy household where everyone is constantly clamoring to share one or two bathrooms, then you may be forced to get up extra early in order to carve out some time of your own in the bathroom, costing you precious beauty sleep. Beauty supplies and personal belongings may get lost, damaged or used by someone else as well if they don't have a dedicated spot of their own.

Having a personal bathroom not only will you make morning much more calm, but you will also be given the opportunity to design a peaceful place just for you to enjoy. Unlike the formal or simple design features that you'll employ in the central bathrooms of the house, you can put your own personal style into the layout of your private lavatory. This means, you can choose window treatments that speak to you and you only, and that will be pleasing to the senses as you prepare to face the day.

Roman shades are a good choice for window treatments in your bathroom as they are functional in their economy of space but also can display a pattern or fabric that agrees with your tastes. This allows you to choose a feminine tone or a classy design without making the room feel cluttered. Best of all, a blackout curtain or shade can make sure the sun is blocked out and not shining in your eyes when you have only just begun to face the day.

You already share a lot with your family, so claim a space of your own by carving out your own personal bathroom, and choosing window treatments that will complement your style.