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Using roman shades to create a simple look for your kitchen or bathroom

In your kitchen and bathroom, utility is king.

In spaces like bathrooms or kitchens, it is often best to take a "less-is-more" approach to choosing window treatments. Because these rooms are geared toward functionality, there's no need to get overly ambitious in crafting a design scheme. For instance, you probably wouldn't want to hang a delicate material in the window over your sink, where you do your dishes and water may splash back and damage the fabric. But, this doesn't mean you have to completely a sacrifice a stylish design for this type of window treatment.

Roman shades are good choices for these rooms because they economize space without sacrificing great taste. They give you more shade and design options than a simple Venetian blind, yet they don't over-encumber like a large drape.

Named for the kinds of shades used to shield spectators from the sun at the Roman Colosseum in ancient times, these designs have grown increasingly popular in modern home design for their subtlety and versatility.

By choosing a cotton shade, you are also giving yourself a more durable option that will be easier to clean if exposed to spills and splashes in your kitchen.

The design of these shades is simple and exciting, because the slatted fabric folds in on itself when the shade is drawn up giving off the look of a valance. These shades also give off a wavy look when half drawn, adding a little flair to a window design.

Roman shades are great for bathrooms too because, like in the kitchen, you don't want your window treatment to take up too much space. By using a roman shade, you can get a lot of utility from your window treatment but not overpower a room – especially a room that isn't meant to be formal or fancy.