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Using curtains in entryways to block pesky drafts

In older homes, residents are generally no strangers to the presence of chilly drafts.

In older homes, residents are generally no strangers to the presence of chilly drafts.

Older homes tend to be more charming and cozy than ones built over the past half century. Before modern architecture caused a design revolution, opulent architectural details such as dramatic entryways, stained glass windows and grand staircases were once hallmarks of a good taste in residential design.

However, many of these once fashionable architectural features mean that older homes tend to be drafty, causing these houses to be warm in aesthetic, but frigid to inhabit during winter months.

When cold air is drifting between rooms and down the hallways of an older residence, it can often feel impossible to get warm. The owners of these properties need to battle the draft by putting up stoppers that will block a breeze from travelling from space to space.

Simply keeping doors shut is one way to battle the cold, but what about in doorless entryways? Heavy window treatments can substitute for a door in a stylish and functional way while effectively keeping out a pesky draft.

Even a strong breeze will have trouble penetrating the fabric of blackout drapes, thanks to the insulating qualities of their velvet construction. Because this window treatment was designed to block sunlight, its fibers are tightly woven, helping to prevent much of the draft.

Hang the rod above the doorway on the inside of the space where the draft is coming from, and have it span beyond the length of the doors frame. This will help the drape to best function as a windbreaker when a draft is pushing up against the fabric, helping it seal off the room when it is forced against the wall.

This stylish solution will work in any entryway, providing relief for owners of drafty old homes.