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Use traditional drapery for unique style in the kitchen

Use window treatments and accessories to make an industrial kitchen feel more like home.

Use window treatments and accessories to make an industrial kitchen feel more like home.

Typically, when choosing the window treatments for a kitchen, homeowners tend to play it safe. Because this high-traffic area of the house sees frequent messes from cooking and eating, it only makes sense to keep drapery out of the line of fire. But, if you’re going for a more dramatic look in your kitchen, interesting curtains and drapes are a fantastic way to do it. 

Sometimes, kitchens can feel like they’re too cold or impersonal to be the heart of a home. Adding drapery can help to make yours into a cozier location. Particularly if your kitchen is equipped with large windows, these treatments can remain out of the way, but still convey all of the visual interest that you need them to. 

If you’re attempting to cozy up this space with drapes, remember to choose a warm color. Especially if you have a lot of stainless steel appliances, choosing trendy, cooler colors can make this room look even more impersonal. Red or yellow will help to enhance the dimensions of this room, and make your family members want to spend more time here. 

But it’s undeniable that large drapery panels can get in the way, particularly in a small kitchen. An ornate valance can be the perfect solution to this problem, creating an effect similar to that of a full window treatment without the volume of one. 

Don’t forget about the drapery while you’re decorating the kitchen in your house. It can add warmth to a colder space, or variety to one that’s lacking in style. Once you’ve chosen the drapes or valances that you plan to put in your kitchen, add other accessories with a similar color palette, and your kitchen will be a warm space for everyone to spend time.