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Use the same color curtains and drapes to update an old house

Grey linen curtains like this are entirely updated.

During the middle of the last century, many Americans chose to live in the suburbs. Following World War II, there was a major change in the population density of the country, as a number of individuals decided to raise their families outside of the city, on what used to be farm land. 

This desire for a little breathing room and a backyard gave rise to many suburban neighborhoods that still exist today, and led to a large amount of new construction. That is why there are so many homes across the U.S. that were built between the 1950s and 1970s. And while these homes may still be standing, the shag carpeting and patterned avocado-green appliances exemplary of the time period are no longer in style. 

However, it can take more than updating the kitchen to pull one of these homes into a newer time period. After all, the prevailing architectural style of the time period is no longer the chosen look for new construction. While older houses tend to have a dedicated room for every purpose, newer dwellings have a more open feeling, allowing each part of the space to be available for multiple functions. 

But converting an old home into an open-plan wonderland can be quite difficult. Construction projects of that scale can be costly and time-consuming, leading many homeowners to undergo a more cosmetic makeover for their houses. Updating the mouldings that surround your windows and doorways, for example, can help to keep your house from being dated. 

Changing your window treatments can help the rooms in your house go together better. Consider picking a single color for all of them so that no matter where in the house you are, all rooms will relate to the same context. Make sure you pick a trendy hue for your drapes like grey, which will certainly make your home appear more current.