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Use purple to get a regal flair in the master bedroom

Purple have been popular among nobility for hundreds of fabrics.

Purple have been popular among nobility for hundreds of fabrics.

The master bedroom is a place in the home where the head of the house should truly feel like they reign over the property. If you occupy the master bedroom, decorate it as if you are modern royalty whether your home is a grand estate or a modest condominium.

Though many people associate royals with triumphant velvet red robes like those of kings and queens in fairy tales, historically, most monarchies have instead favored purple when it came to attire and home decor. This shade was extremely exclusive because it was only available to those who had acquired dyes from the expensive and dangerous Asian spice route. Purple was especially popular amongst Italian royalty, who did extensive trade with the peoples of the Far East

According to lifestyle blog Design Sponge, purple is extremely in vogue at the moment, making it an appropriate choice to use in decorating your master bedroom. As the king or queen of  the house, take this fashionable hue and apply it brazenly to all design elements of your personal space.

Nothing says regal quite like a heavy drape. It may be tempting to go with a glimmering silk or taffeta design, but since this is a private room, there's no need to try and impress others with an uncomfortable elaborate curtain.

Instead, a deep purple velvet blackout curtain will work wonders in this space, anchoring the room with its soft, low-sheen velvet that is stately but not overwhelming to the overall aesthetic.

Do as the royals, and treat yourself with the finest quality window treatments around.