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Use patterns to anchor your window treatments in the fall

Have the patterns on your window treatments reflect the scenery outside.

Have the patterns on your window treatments reflect the scenery outside.

Autumn presents a lot of interesting interior design opportunities that wouldn't be appropriate in other seasons. You'll want to take advantage of this to make your home's interior feel warmer in this chilly season, but that requires more than just modifying your existing color scheme.

Heavy patterns work wonders in making a space feel cozy and comfortable, which is a must when coming inside means escaping the increasingly bitter temperatures outdoors. Take cues from the falling leaves outside and use a pattern on your curtains that resembles the changing foliage.

Long, lush drapery with an intricate floral pattern will help to anchor a room and add the necessary warmth you and your family require during this time of year. To add more weight and formality to the design, layer the drapery with sheer curtains beneath the main window treatment.

Designs like the Hanna pattern are great in the fall as they resemble leaves on their journey from the branch to the Earth. By incorporating tones in these designs that mirror the ones on the trees outside, and soon on your lawn, then offsetting them with a creamy white, the pattern will jump out.

This is a design tip that you can bring to almost any room, whether it is a formal dining area or simply a den for you and your family to enjoy. Though a heavy pattern may seem like too much in the summer or spring, it's a beautiful option that will definitely enhance your interior during the colder months of the year.